Moaning Myrtle “sometimes” sneaks into the Prefects’ bathroom

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Works include: Peter Camenzind Beneath the Wheel Gertrude Rosshalde Knulp Demian Siddhartha Steppenwolf Narcissus and Goldmund Journey to the East The Glass Bead Game, originally published as Magister Ludi. Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse Hermann Hesse’s books provide examples of: All Myths Are True: Pilgrims in the Journey to the East experience history, religion, legend, fantasy and normal reality all blending into one. Attractive Bent Gender: Hermine in Steppenwolf. a lot in Hesse’s work. Betty and Veronica: In Gertrude, Gertrude is Archie, to Kuhn’s Betty and Muoth’s Veronica. Bishounen: Demian is described as having a never aging female looking face, and is considered a very attractive guy. The Black Death: In Narcissus and Goldmund Burn the Witch! Calvinball: How exactly the Glass Bead Game goes is never fully explained. Casanova Wannabe: Emil The Charmer: Goldmund, of Narcissus and Goldmund. Max Demian and his mother, in lesser degree, are charmers too. Child Prodigy: Often a deconstruction, as in Beneath the Wheel. The Drifter: Knulp Eccentric Mentor Even the Girls Want Her: At one point, Hermine from Steppenwolf seduces a young woman, notably not in her androgynous attire. Hooker with a Heart of Gold: Kamala in Siddhartha. Ineffectual Loner: Harry in Steppenwolf. Innocence Lost: The beginning of Demian. King Incognito: In The Journey to the East, the servant Leo turns out to be the President of the League. Lady Looks Like a Dude: In Demian, Frau Eva (Demian’s mother) is described as having male features alongside feminine cues. Mentor Archetype Stacy’s Mom: Sinclair is immediately smitten with Demian’s mother. The Muse: Gertrude to Kuhn, and Demian has one too. The Order: The League in The Journey to the East. The Plague: Very relevant to Narcissus and Goldmund. Riddle for the Ages: What, exactly, did Max Demian do to Sinclair’s bully? Troubled Child

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Designer Replica Bags Cool and Unusual Punishment: Moody punishes Draco Malfoy by turning him into a ferret and bouncing him around. Cough Snark Cough: Ron accuses Hermione of only liking Cedric because he’s handsome. When Hermione claims she doesn’t like people just because of their looks, he gives a false cough that sounds oddly like “Lockhart.” Covert Pervert: Several characters are implied or stated to be a bit less innocent than they seem at first glance. Moaning Myrtle “sometimes” sneaks into the Prefects’ bathroom to watch them bathing. Harry finds out when he borrows the bath to decipher a clue that’s only audible underwater. In a throwaway line, the Moody disguised Crouch is said to have his magic eye track some girls going past. Dumbledore openly admits his brother got in trouble for “improper charms with a goat”. In Deathly Hallows, we find out that Aberforth’s Patronus is a goat, which makes this even more disturbing, considering that one’s Patronus can take the form of someone you love. Though in his case, it refers to his love for his sister and his regret in being unable to save her, rather than a romantic attraction. Creepy Long Fingers: Voldemort’s long, creepy fingers, once he finally regains human form, are just part of his overwhelming Uncanny Valley grossness. Curb Stomp Battle: The Quidditch World Cup has the Irish Chasers completely outclassing Bulgaria’s. Turns into a Curb Stomp Cushion when the game ends with Ireland on top 170 160, Bulgaria only scoring that much because Krum caught the Snitch. Cut and Paste Note: Hermione receives a threatening one from an irate and gullible subscriber to Witch Weekly who believed Rita Skeeter’s Malicious Slander portraying Hermione as The Vamp. Dances and Balls: The Yule Ball. Darker and Edgier: While J. K. Rowling had been progressively doing this with each new installment since the beginning, this book made the series take a huge leap in this trope. Notably, it’s the first to feature a Downer Ending, with Cedric being murdered and Voldemort getting a new body. It’s also the one where the franchise’s Black an Designer Replica Bags

Replica Designer Handbags The Belgariad has The Prophecy, or rather the two prophecies, which are to some degree compatible (due to vague, cryptic, figurative language) up to a particular event. When this event (the meeting of Belgarion and the Maimed God Torak) occurs, they disagree on the outcome, and diverge wildly from there. It’s implied that outcome of this even will rewrite all of history so that the prophecy with the correct prediction of the battle is spot on. Among other things, if Torak wins, Belgarion’s “aunt” Polgara will become Torak’s bride, and despite how much she hates and despises him now will have always loved him unreservedly. The Prophecies are implied to be living, sentient entities, not just a collection of sayings, which makes this example fit the trope even better Replica Designer Handbags.

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