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What Is a Beginning Runner,
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Treadmills are great for beginning as well as experienced runners. You can program a treadmill for hill and speed work, and it offers a cushioned surface that minimizes impact on joints. Weather factors like excessive heat, wind and cold don’t affect treadmill workouts. Choosing the correct combination of speed,
cards against humanity cheap, time and incline will get a beginner onto a solid base for one of the best forms of cardiovascular conditioning.

Speed Vs. Incline

Running on a treadmill at zero incline is the least amount of work. Adding a slight incline makes the leg muscles and heart work harder. The difference between a fast walk and running starts at about 4.5 mph. For a good beginner workout, warm up by walking at 2.5 mph for five minutes at 5 percent incline,
cards against himanity, then run at 5 mph for five minutes at a zero incline. For most runners, the “talk test” indicates how hard they’re working. Being able to carry on a conversation while running on the treadmill means the effort is sustainable for a longer duration. Running faster intervals makes it hard to say more than a word or two. For example,
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